We are a family run, UK business, that want to help remove the taboo that seems to still exist around the most natural activity known to man. As part of that we wanted to engage with people that are perhaps new to sex toys and those who were enlightened years ago when they unlocked the full potential made available to them through the addition of toys.

Let me offer an example. In order to have a pleasurable walk or run in the woods, you add shoes to your feet. On occasions, you may run bare foot and why not. More often than not though you will add shoes, boots, trainers, wellies or whatever else you feel is appropriate so that the experience and pleasure of that walk is heightened, and why not with sex.

Too many people we speak to are struggling in their relationships or have plutoed in the bedroom and are left wondering “is this it” Well no, it need not be. Sex is as natural to us as shoes on our feet and yet we seem to think that adding shoes is somehow perverse or not needed. We find it maddening that relationships that are great or are struggling always seem to have a common factor, sex. So why don’t we try and encourage you to explore this world more fully.

If your new to this don’t worry. The heading on the pages are light hearted and will offer gentle guidance. It is at your pace that we journey with you. Why not look at our blog to see what letters have come in and the suggestions we have made. Why not look through the menu and see if anything draws your attention. Can we make a suggestion? Be brave, Be Bold, Be blown away as you reach new heights of pleasure. We all here at pleasurely welcome you. Now go search and have fun.