Advice on Choosing Couples Sex Toys

photo of sexy couple

When you think of sex toys you may often think about a single person looking for a way to satisfy and pleasure themselves. Whilst they may be a common item for those that are not having regular sex, they are also common for those who are in a relationship.

The sale of couples sex toys are definitely on the rise and come in a variety of different forms and types.

They are designed to not only allow for pleasure for one person, but for both people, making your sex life an entirely new and exciting part of your relationship.

Think that you may like to try couples sex toys out, but not sure where to start? If this is the case for you then we have put together our helping hand to choosing the best couples sex toys.

Bullet Vibrators

When it comes to integrating a sex toy into your sex life, the best advice is to start small and build up. Particularly if you are not used to using a sex toy privately. A great place to start is with a bullet vibrator. Whilst these are often seen as a solo sex toy, they can be great fun when brought into a couple’s sex life. The most basic use is definitely on the women, however, the guys should not be ignored and could find this vibrating toy pretty pleasurable for them too.

Cock Rings

If you want to try out something that works for both of you, then a cock ring is a great addition. They are designed to be easy to use, they simply can be placed around the penis and feature a vibrator on the top of the ring. They not only add a touch of vibration for the woman during intercourse, but they are also able to keep the man harder for longer. A win for both of you we think!

Remote Controlled Toys

Once you feel comfortable with having sex toys as part of your sex life, then the time has come to try out something that little bit more adventurous. One of the popular choices for couples is remote controlled toys. These are in essence, a normal vibrating toy, however the control, and quite literally the power, is in your partners hands. They are usually controlled by a remote controller that your partner has, however, in these modern times there are even devices that connect to an app.

Anal Beads

If you like the idea of having something that doesn’t rely on batteries, then you may want to try out beads. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, but the premise is much the same no matter which you pick. Once these are inserted into the vagina, they give some pretty great sensations, something that is only increased with every move that you make.  There are plenty of couples who use beads as a form of foreplay, inserting them before you go out, making sure that you are both ready and looking forward to an evening of fun once you get home.

Dress Up

It may seem a little old-fashioned, particularly when compared some of the other sex toys in this particular guide, but you cannot underestimate the power of roleplay. Being able to escape who you are can be a real helping hand for your sex life. Dressing up can also mean digging out some really sexy underwear too. This not only is arousing for your partner, but can also give you a real confidence boost too. Which of course leads to better sex!

The Basic Stuff

When you think of couples sex toys do you instantly think of beads, bullets and rings? Chances are that you don’t. For some people, the idea of couples sex toys is more set around things such as bondage items and handcuffs. Whilst these may be more basic, that doesn’t mean that they are not as fun as some of the others on the list. In fact, there is a reason why these have remained popular despite plenty of other forms of sex toys being released over time.

There are a variety of different sex toys out there for you to choose from. The trick is discussing it before you dive in, and deciding what you want to try out. You should also agree completely as a couple, and if one partner isn’t sure about the idea, then it should go no further.

It is common for some people, particularly men to feel wounded about the idea of having to bring a sexy toy into the bedroom. Therefore it is a good idea to reiterate to them that this is nothing to do with their performance, and is simply a way to make sure that you have an added touch of spice in your relationship.

Take things slowly, try things out and see what you both enjoy. Once you feel comfortable then perhaps you can try something different. There is not point rushing through and finding that you are pushing the other person.

Also, you should try to, as much as possible, have sex without the use of a sex toy, as this will keep your normal sex life alive and make sure that you both feel valued and not that you have been replaced by something that is silicone, plastic or that contains batteries.

Hopefully this guide has helped you to understand more about buying couples sex toys for you and your partner to enjoy together. It really is down to personal preference which one you choose. This means that it makes sense to experiment when it comes to sex toys.

Why not try out a few different options and see which one works for you and your partner? You never know how much a sex toy could help your love life, taking it from a bit of a chore to you asking for more, more, more!